Tuesday, 15 July 2008


MobileMe, beyond having a bad name, is proving to be a cussed & ugly child. It laid claim to Microsoft Exchange's slice of cake at the push-info birthday party (and let's face it MExch is no little orphan Annie - she throws some spectacular hissy fits but she remains the teen-queen in this particular realm) but has so far vomited on arrival, refused to let any of the children play with his toys and been a pain in the arse.

What staggers me is that .mac was always the slightly slow child, who was a bit plain and really didn't make an impact but then Mac-fanboys did love him a little so he never got the boot. 

But MobileMe was sent to replace him, the sexy younger brother shows what those genes could really do... and it was bad.

I have had a contact in my address book for the last three days and have been waiting for it to push to the cloud (all settings, Mac, me.com, iPhone all correct) and has it pushed, puffed even suggested it might move? Has it hell.

On top of the whole push-email fiasco (you mean only @me.com addresses push - the rest of your domains go hang?) I am seriously underwhelmed.

This is one big lost-opportunity for the Cupertino team... or are all of our contacts, emails, calendars stuck in the Infinite Loop. Let's leave this party.

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