Friday, 1 February 2008


I had one of those moments when I take a leap into the unknown when buying software and I [knowingly] plink down my credit card details without having really done my research. But usually $15 shareware mistakes don't break the bank. But what I actually bought was Apple's supposedly pro-photography app Aperture.

I am something of a Mac fan-boy but mainly because they make great products. But can someone please tell me why Aperture is wowing anyone? For filing purposes it seems to be little more than iView Media Pro (although now that has been bought by M$haft so it's not much of an option). But it has some decent photo-tweaking tools but then it's a little like getting 55% of the way into a job and then realising that actually you are going to have to change your whole methodology and start with new tools. Which would be fine if there was a clear distinction where the alternative tool also required the use of a specialist filing app before hand... but it doesn't. It's called Lightroom and then Photoshop.

I realise this is hardly a well thought-out, insightful rant (see Daring Fireball for those) but it remains that I am v frustrated with Apple and hoping for a lot from the soon-to-be-announced update.

(Oh, and I spent a weekend creating an in-depth photo album in Aperture and something happened and I lost the lot - not, happily, before I ordered it online but shortly afterwards. And then the results were poor, saturation-light, dull images on poor quality paper. The "special-sauce" that Apple puts into Albums made with iPhoto obviously helps but I felt a bit let down.)

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