Friday, 18 January 2008

Open letter to Ashley Highfield, BBC Director of Future Media & Technology

In this post Mr Highfield suggests that he may launch BBC's iPlayer on the newly updated Apple TV. Given my experience of customer's desires for easy-to-use replay facilities for mainstream TV I had to jump in and give him full support. Therefore the following letter:

Dear Mr Highfield,

As someone who installs and maintains household technology (with an emphasis on the convergence of the traditional visual formats like TV, Video & DVD with digital music, photos and movies) this is a HUGELY encouraging post.

My clients are crying out for a simple way to interface with the forms of high quality content on the web. Apple's 10-foot interface for the AppleTV was always excellent but it was let down, as everyone knows, by limited content and the hoops needed to get that content onto the device. With the iTunes movie rental store the filmic side of the issues disappears.

If Mr Highfield can bring BBC's (truly excellent) iPlayer to the Apple TV then we will have the highest quality broadcaster on British TV front and centre.

I believe my clients (ABC1's across the southern UK) are representative of a large proportion of BBC stakeholders and I can guarantee that this move would be widely praised.

Please do it, Mr Highfield.

Yours sincerely,

Will Brocklebank

So - join the throng and post a comment in support if you believe in this!

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