Monday, 21 January 2008

iTunes Movie Rentals in Europe & UK

It was always going to be a question of how long it would be until Apple could get the rental store rollin' for us Euros but this post from Engadget suggests that it will be as difficult as we feared...

On the positive side I was heartened to see Jobs announce all the major studios on board in the US which suggests his negotiating powers are strong (or he has learnt to give a little more to the other side) and so maybe his mojo can work wonders over here. And also I like the sound of Viviane Reding (who seems to be a man in the Engadget story) as we surely need a consumer rights battle-axe to strip some of the excess margin from our digital lives over here.

Anyhoo - here's hoping for an 'upside surprise' (as they say on conference calls) on timing.

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