Saturday, 15 December 2007

iPhone Ringtones for the UK

With complete gratitude to draperm25 in this thread on I reprint below some simple instructions for putting custom ringtones onto your iPhone without the need for iToner or other software.

pick a song you want to have as a ringtone
select the part you want to use and cut it to size between 30 -39secs long using Audacity (Thats what i use), and have it no longer than 39seconds
once you have picked which section and the correct length,
export it as MP3
then drag the MP3 file into you MUSIC list on iTunes
then right click on the MP3 in iTunes
and click on "Convert Selection to AAC
once that has converted it, you will have the 2 file 1 MP3 and 1 AAC
delete the MP3 file which leaves you with the AAC file
Right click on the AAC file and click COPY
go back to your music folder and perhaps setup a folder in the called Ringtones
and PASTE the AAC file into the RINGTONES folder
once the file is there, it should say at after the file name .m4a
then you change this to m4r and will ask you do you want to change the extension of the file which you click YES
then once its changed you just Double click on the song and it will automaticaly go into your ringtones section in iTunes

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