Friday, 28 March 2008

Why oh why (the dot mac lament)

I have tried so many online backup/file sync systems that I am beginning to go mad (Amazon S3, Memeo, Mozy, FolderSync, .mac locally sync'd, .mac updated via Transmit) and NONE of them do the simple task of sweeping an update sync of my desktop and other crucial work folders onto the internet at regular intervals.

The bit that is really frustrating is that I pay for .Mac (including with increased storage) and it should be the simple solution - integrated with my Mac and fully automator-friendly etc. But it is soooooooooo slow. The local cache of .mac is totally useless as it simply fails to update after the first day or so. The Transmit sync is great in principle but it takes about 25 minutes to simply interrogate the two folders for changes before even getting to the upload.

And I know that this really bothers others (the venerable Merlin Mann, for instance) and it seems to be such a massive, crushing oversight on Apple's part.

Are we to see .mac rescued from this crapulatory state like Aperture and Apple TV were with their 2.0 versions?

Please Mr Steve. Oh, and in the meantime I have high, high, high hopes for DropBox.

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